Travel Blog – 2 days to departure

Travel Blog – 2 days to departure

This is officially PANIC Day!  Is a yoga teacher allowed such a day?  Yes yes yes!  The panic quality is giving me enough adrenaline to get things done.  Like decide which clothes are allowed to come.  Like tell Dorji of Topanga Bhutan shop, I am delighted to take his gifts to Thimpu, but cannot take all three jackets in my suitcase.  Lovely to have him visit my home this morning with his wife.  Like make sure all bills are paid on time, and ensure that the remnants of my life in Thousand Oaks stays in tact! Like checking all electronic equipment is in place.

The liminal world – between two zones, where time both speeds up and then stands still.

Must confess that too much panic means not being able to think clearly, so the lists are handy!

Word from Chaing Mai that the floods have not been too devastating.  Also appears thant Bangkok is safe from the rising waters which coincided with full moon extreme tides.  In gratitude!

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