Three things to settle in, in Chaing Mai

Three things to settle in, in Chaing Mai

That our culture acts as our operating system is so apparent when one meets a different culture. The Thai have a very different operating system, and I am hungrily absorbing it. Smiles, gentleness and an easy going attitude to the nitty gritty of life.  “Can do” says our cab driver.

Our first therapy is foot massage.  While there are massages to be had everywhere in Chiang Mai, on the streets, in the markets and in temples, we fall into this lovely little shop.  Ah, to let go  the weariness of travel and  accumulated toxins of a too- busy life.

We stumble into the next-door temple, a magnificent golden pagoda right on the busy noisy road. Is that really  Donal Duck  in the garden?

The sound of chanting draws us in, and for our second therapy, we join the monks at evening prayers.  Call and response, but mostly we are mutely in awe.

The third therapy is a good meal.  Eat where the locals go.  Ha, that turned out to be a 45 minute wait for Shabu shabu.  Well worth it, for a couple of hours selecting  from 28 different dishes circling in front us, to cook in our own personal cauldron of spicy soup.  Greens, seafood and a variety of tofu and meat, there was something for everyone.  The side bar of sushi and tempura ensured that we slide off the barstool every now and then.

Santosha = contentment = easy!

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