You are Light seeing through 5 Veils.

You are Light seeing through 5 Veils.

Did you know you are a soul living in a body?

Did you know your soul, (Atman in Sanskrit) is veiled by 5 sheaths?

Did you know your soul is currently having a human experience?

That is quite different to trying to live a life that is more spiritual. We already are Spirit, yet often we forget.

This forgetting, say the ancient yogis,  is the cause of a lot of trouble for us in life.

Simply put, let’s  try to remember this:

You are Light, Soul, Consciousness, Spirit, Self, Atman, Brahman.

Your light shines through 5 veils or koshas.

Anamayakosha is the Food Body, Pranamayakosha is the Energy Body, Manomayakosha is the Mental/emotional body,  Vijnanamayakosha is consciousness and Anandamayakosha is the Bliss body.  All of them need to be tended to live a whole and integrated life, and to evolve our consciousness back to recognizing who we truly are. We are the Light.

Sanskrit breakdown:  Each of the 5 layers include the words maya(veil) and kosha(sheath).

Ana – food  maya – veil – kosha – sheath

Prana – energy – maya – veil – kosha –sheath

Mano – mind/emotional – maya – veil – kosha –sheath

Vijnana – knowledge/consciousness – – maya – veil – kosha –sheath

Ananda – Bliss – maya – veil – kosha –sheath

To follow: How to tend all the layers of our Being.

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