Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra Workshop

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop

Sunday September 20th 2015 1.30- 3.30pm

Maggie Mellor guides you into the deepest levels of relaxation through Yoga Nidra.

Lying very comfortably on your back,

Awareness is drawn through five layers of consciousness till you hover just above the level of sleep.
This is a profound experience of being aware of being asleep.

By creating and placing your intention at the onset of this inward journey, you shape your destiny.

This is the secret tool of yogis and swamis!

The two hour workshop begins with Restorative Poses to prepare for Yoga Nidra.

Leave this workshop in awe of the beauty of your Being and the great potential of your life.
This practice is suitable anyone who wants to simply relax deeply.

If you like Shavasana,  you will love Yoga Nidra!

To Register:

Yoga Upstairs

Yoga Upstairs, 5308 Derry Ave., Suite K, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Call: 818 8898018

Cost: $35

Early bird $30 on or before September 6th.



Date: Sunday September 20th 2015

1.30-3.30 pm

Learn the Secrets of Yogis and Swamis:

Change the course of your life while Relaxing.

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