Yoga Day Retreat at The Ojai Foundation

Yoga Day Retreat at The Ojai Foundation

Saturday October 10th 2015

9.15 am – 4.30 pm



Join me for a day of re-connection to Ourselves through Yoga and Nature.

Our home base is the newly completed Council House, a circular structure with a garden on the roof! Here we practice yoga in our circle of friends.  Here we have the conversation about our lives, what we have harvested,  and what we long for. We relax in Savasanah to enter the realm of lucid dreaming sleep to not only to relax our body minds, but also, to rewrite our programming, and create all that we long for.

A hearty  healthy lunch under the shady oaks, a meditation under the ancient Teaching Tree, a beautiful hike through the winding oaks to the top of the hill. Here we enjoy the vistas and a connection to All That Is.

We return to lie in restorative postures, time to reflect, and once more dive deeply into the nidra state, to effortlessly Awaken to our True Nature.   Return home in awe of the inner and outer beauty.















Please join us for community, yoga and sacred land experience.

Catch the early bird before September 20th for $120. Thereafter $140.  Mostly these yoga days sell out.

Email me you are coming.

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