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Powerful Pranayama Workshop

Powerful Pranayama Workshop

Powerful Pranayama Offering

Sunday September 9th 2018

1.30 – 3.30pm

Private venue in Westlake

Join Maggie  and Marilyn  in an experience of your OWN TRUE ESSENCE which is none other than Love, Peace, Compassion and Beauty.
Shift from Fear and Anxiety to Pure Joy.
Using transformational breath work, (a form of pranayama not taught in yoga classes), take an inward journey into greater clarity and joy. In a safe and supportive environment experience layers of non-self dropping away to reveal the Light that is you.
Format: After a brief orientation, you will lie down comfortably with an eye pillow and bolster to be led in very specific and active manner of breathing. You are guided with sound and voice to discover the Breath as Teacher. Learn to trust this teacher to go deeper than ever before. Arrive at a place of deep peace, clarity and spiritual wholeness.
Bring your yoga mat, eye pillow, blanket and bolster. (a few will be available)


As this class involves breath retention, it is not suitable if you are pregnant, have heart disease  or you are on medication to balance mental emotional levels. 
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