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Wanna go Deeper?

Wanna go Deeper?

 Powerful Pranayama Breathwork Experience

From Fear to Love

Westlake Yogaworks

with Maggie Mellor and Stella Davis

Sunday September 15th 2019

1.30 – 3.30pm

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In this transformational workshop, learn a simple yet powerful pranayama that is not typically taught in yoga classes, and yet can create positive and lasting shifts in your life.

By raising Prana in the subtle bodies, this breathwork technique releases physical and emotional blocks, as well as stubborn mental constructs, and takes you into the celestial realms of Pure Awareness.

Maggie and Stella will guide you into a deeply relaxed and expanded state in a reclined position, using spoken word and evocative sacred sound, including native drum & sound bowls. Leave feeling enlightened!

***Please note: As this class involves breath retention, it is not suitable if you are pregnant, have heart disease, or you are on prescription medication to balance emotional levels.


Bring your yoga mat, or camping pad, eye pillow, blanket and bolster. (a few will be available)


Some of the reported experiences:

  •   Release of mental, emotional and energetic blockages.
    • Physical release and relaxation of areas of tension or constriction.
    • Profound experiences of love, peace, and gratitude.
    • Experience of expanded states of consciousness.