Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season lies before us, and virus is sky-rocketing! Like an impatient child in the back seat we might be feeling challenged and dismayed at the length of this journey.

I am in awe at the amount of patience, self-discipline and restraint you have shown. It has been a challenging year indeed. And just as there seemed to be a bit of light, we have the set-back of the third corona wave.

We muster our extraordinary resources of endurance and staying power. We develop the skills of undertaking new skills and increasing the ones we have. Most of us have become better in the kitchen and the garden. And some really determined folks managed to clear their garage! Simplify.

We also learn to reframe challenges into opportunities, to slow down when hurrying was habitual, and to enjoy the simple pleasure of a calm cup of tea. Many of us have navigated great loss whether financial, social or to losing family and friends who have crossed over. We all have to learn it: Impermanence.

My gratitude is so much around the gift of yoga, both as a relaxation practice, meditation practice and keep moving practice. Yes, there are so many awesome teachings and tools to keep us going. Mostly I am grateful to have friends and students to share the practice. Community, albeit virtual is so comforting.

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