Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is for Every Body

No matter what body you have, you can benefit from a Yoga Practice. We offer a practice suitable for every body. Would you like to de-stress and be happier? Yoga can help.

No matter who we are, we need our bodies to operate well. Imagine driving a broken car, you can’t feel safe and confident. Treat your body well and it will reward you. Here are some of the benefits from just a little regular yoga:

Steady Emotions
Strong Immune System
Balanced Nervous System

So many people dismiss yoga thinking they need to have a particular body or level of fitness to practice. This is not true. Anyone can do a few yoga poses. Without a healthy body life is very challenging. Yoga keeps you healthy, helps you heal after illness, and supports you through the inevitable challenges of life.

Yoga brings us to our senses! Slowing down and becoming mindful of our thoughts and actions allows us to enjoy beautiful moments: to see more clearly, to hear subtle sounds, even Inner Stillness; touch and taste become heightened when we pay attention. And life is beautiful when we have the eyes to see.

It is well-known that stress underlies a myriad of health issues. None of us can afford to stay stressed out for too long. Simple stretching and deep breathing goes a long way to slow us down and reduce stress. Our emotions become more even keeled. We learn to self regulate regardless of external circumstances.

  • Who doesn’t want to be vigorous and enthusiastic each day well into their senior days?
  • Learn to be happy every day.
  • Yoga can transform your life!
  • Come give it a try

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We offer a variety of classes

Love your Life Yoga Flow explores a flow of poses connected with breath; get into your own ‘flow state’. Stretching and strengthening, this class is for folks with healthy fitness and mobility. Balance the nervous system with just the right amount of ‘effort’ and ‘ease’. Learn to listen and love your body during the practice. Mondays 5.00 – 6.15 pm on Zoom

Love your Life Gentle Yoga is suitable for the hopelessly inflexible, and those with physical limitations, or in rehabilitation. A series of slow stretches, using props; many poses are on the floor on your back, to open hips, stretch back and hamstrings. The deliberate breathing slows the out of control mind.

Wednesdays 7.00 – 8.00 pm Sleepy time Yoga in your PJ’s Thursdays 5.00 – 6.15 pm on Zoom

Restorative Yoga is for the deep exhaustion we all feel. Supported with pillows and blankets, we rest in positions that allow release of stiffness and tiredness. We learn to stop running. We learn the value of non-doing. Our culture has conditioned us to keep running, doing, achieving. Earning more money is considered success. Sadly it leaves most of us bereft and empty. Replenish in this class with nourishing music, poetry and inspiration while you rest. Sundays 5.00 – 6.15pm

Catch your Breath. This class is all about the different ways we can breathe: to energize, to calm, to balance. Learn to breathe efficiently for more energy and less stress. Learn to make breath your powerful ally. Face changes and challenges with courage and joy. This is an interactive zoom class where you are seated at your computer, no yoga poses. Series of 4 classes TBD

Yoga Nidra. Guided deep meditations where you relax on you back, allowing your body to fall asleep and your mind to stay aware. Experience directly “All is well”. This is a blissful state! Practice this form of yoga to build a substratum of deep calm. This deep calm facilitates a wise response to life’s many challenges.

Third Wednesday each month 7.00 – 8.00pm

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ZOOM Classes

All our classes are offered on Zoom. Not only can you stay home to practice, you will feel the intimate atmosphere of Presence, clear instructions and visuals to offer you a satisfying yoga experience. Give it a try.

Rather than following the stereotype of young lithe bodies prancing around in a competitive environment, our style brings together all our scattered parts into Wholeness.

Our Exchange

We love to support you during our collective crisis which we offer in trust of your generosity!

We are so appreciative of your generous donations. Thank you!

While we suggest $10 for each class , we are so grateful to those who give more, and also welcoming to those unable to contribute.

This is the new economy.

Links are open for all.

Your donations keep us online.

There is Yoga, and then there is Maggie’s style of yoga.

“I cannot even imagine life without yoga, it is so deep in my body mind. Throughout my life yoga has supported me through huge challenges: loss of country, experience of breast cancer, financial uncertainty and all the emotional storms of raising a family. These challenges are normal, and we all have them in some form or other. Yoga gave me a powerful ground of being, that no matter how dire a life situation might be, the natural inner resources that we all have, were readily available. “

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