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Living with more Joy!

Living with more Joy!

Discover your Open Heart!

You are invited to my NEW class series at Hillcrest Center for the Arts

November 6th to 27th 2017 at 7:30 – 9:00 pm (4 consecutive Mondays)


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  • Are you struggling with the daily barrage of bad news?

  • Is the gravity of our world taking you down?

  • Would you like to be happier?

I would LOVE to share my findings to assist you. We spend four sessions together. We’ll be on chairs, don’t expect a yoga fitness class. Go home each week with a tool to integrate into your life. Easy and light, Let’s increase our mental and emotional fitness to feel better, and help those around us too.

We will practice conscious movement, breath work, mindful meditation, and conversation to reflect on how we can de-stress, reframe our lives and discover more joy.

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These two guys are my heros! Desmond Tutu, suffered hugely at the hands of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and the Dalai Lama lost his homeland. Both have witnessed unbearable human suffering, yet they are always laughing!  Together they published The Book of Joy! We too can  learn to be happy in spite of everything.

Yoga Day Retreat at The Ojai Foundation

Yoga Day Retreat at The Ojai Foundation

Saturday October 10th 2015

9.15 am – 4.30 pm



Join me for a day of re-connection to Ourselves through Yoga and Nature.

Our home base is the newly completed Council House, a circular structure with a garden on the roof! Here we practice yoga in our circle of friends.  Here we have the conversation about our lives, what we have harvested,  and what we long for. We relax in Savasanah to enter the realm of lucid dreaming sleep to not only to relax our body minds, but also, to rewrite our programming, and create all that we long for.

A hearty  healthy lunch under the shady oaks, a meditation under the ancient Teaching Tree, a beautiful hike through the winding oaks to the top of the hill. Here we enjoy the vistas and a connection to All That Is.

We return to lie in restorative postures, time to reflect, and once more dive deeply into the nidra state, to effortlessly Awaken to our True Nature.   Return home in awe of the inner and outer beauty.















Please join us for community, yoga and sacred land experience.

Catch the early bird before September 20th for $120. Thereafter $140.  Mostly these yoga days sell out.

Email me you are coming.

Register here:

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Weekend Getaway Retreat at La Casa de Maria

Weekend Getaway Retreat at La Casa de Maria

Cultivating Mindfulness in Every Day Life.

This exquisite fully booked weekend is now complete. Everyone went home deeply renewed with more friends, greater love for life and a commitment to live mindfully.  Watch this space for next year’s retreat.

Friday May 17 4.00pm till Sunday May 19 1.00pm 2013

Celebrate Springtime in this beautiful retreat setting

Maggie and Holly Sacks of Insight 3.0 invite you to join them on a weekend retreat. Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, in the present moment, without judgement. Based on ancient, sacred traditions, Mindfulness provides a path to compassion, equanimity, and wisdom.

Cultivating Mindfulness in Daily Life includes setting intentions for the day, mindful breathing,  moving, listening, eating and journaling, plus various forms of meditation, walking the sacred path of the labyrinth, and the optional morning yoga practice.

We will have informational presentations balanced with direct experience practice, as well as plenty of unstructured time for you to be with yourself in the supportive environment.

Nestled in the elegant hills above Santa Barbara, La Casa de Maria provides the ideal sanctuary for what we know will be an insightful and memorable experience for all.

All inclusive cost, shared rooms, Friday evening  to Sunday afternoon   Cost: $ 395.00

This is the Early Bird price. After April 15th, if there is still place, cost is $ 439.00

Register Now with Paypal

You may also pay by check: Maggie Mellor 2553 Ciro Ave., Thousand Oak, CA 91360

More about Holly Sacks

  • Former senior vice president of marketing and corporate strategy at HID Global
  • BA in cultural anthropology from University of California at Berkeley.
10 years ago, I met HollyHolly when she attended my retreat at La Casa de Maria.
Holly took to the practice of yoga, completed  the Yoga Teacher Training, and soon became a practitioner of Mindfulness.
Together she and I have enjoyed hours of engaged conversation, many international journeys and  delight in conscious living. This  has culminated in a partnership in this program Insight 3.0 dedicated to bringing the practice of mindfulness to groups beyond the yoga studios.
More about La Casa de Maria
This beautiful retreat center provides a sanctuary for personal reflection and communal connection. It is situated in the upmarket area of Montecito and borders the luxurious Santa Ynez Estate. Yet the offerings are simple and very affordable.  I have been hosting retreats here for 10 years and never fail to marvel again at the exquisite natural environment tended by the very kind staff and the welcoming of all who love to take refuge. Oh, and the food is great, fresh, healthy and made with love. Special diets are accommodated.
The photos below taken at earlier retreats:

solitary seat at creek

Pacific Ocean views from Montecito

Summer Yoga Day at La Casa de Maria

Summer Yoga Day at La Casa de Maria

 La Casa de Maria

Saturday July 28th 2012 from 9.15am to 4.00 pm

You are invited to join me for the day at this lovely 28 acres verdant land, snuggled into the mountainside of Montecito, for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and singing!  Yes, Stella is coming with her gift of song. She will, after the delicious lunch, lead us in opening our voices to chant some ancient mantras together. This will be both fun and liberating, especially for those of us, who, like me,  have doubts about our capacity to belt out a good song.

This is the 11th year that I host these events at La Casa de Maria. Yoga Retreat Days are always filled, and much enjoyed. Please sign up right away, so that you don’t miss out!  We will be in the Chapel this time, the perfect  space for cooling yoga,(for all levels) comfortable meditation and heart felt chanting.   We end the day with deep relaxation.

This is a day out of your routine to enjoy alone, or with a friend, communing with your spirit through yoga, nature and song.  By the way, La Casa has a pristine pool  available for our use during lunch break, should the day be hot.
Cost includes lunch $98 before July 14th. After that date, if still available space $ 108


Yoga days almost always sell out, so don’t miss out. Sign up now and benefit from the early bird price.

Get the early bird $98 by signing up before July 14th 2012. After that, if still place Cost is $108

Alternatively, please mail check to:Maggie Mellor 2553 Ciro Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

For directions, please scroll down.




Directions: 101 North to San Ysidro Road. Turn right onto San Ysidro Road about 1 mile to East Valley Road (the second signal light) in the Montecito Upper Village. Right on East Valley Road about 2/10 mile to El Bosque Road. Left on El Bosque which ends at La Casa de Maria.  We are in The Chapel. Please park near the Office, or continue up the the one way road to park at the tennis courts. If you get lost, please call Maggie at 805 3908009.


A Day of Living Deeply at La Casa de Maria

A Day of Living Deeply at La Casa de Maria

Saturday November 5th 2011 9.00am to 4.00pm

Please join me for an entire day of  mindfulness. In community and within ourselves we hone the skills of living deeply. We talk, walk, breath, eat and practice chair yoga and silent meditation.

When we live deeply, we are aware of each moment as it happens. We feel life move through us. We practice the art of Mindfulness where we experience the body, thoughts and emotions with an attitude of open curiosity. This practice of mindfulness is sweeping our country and the world. It is a way of living that eases our suffering, and opens the door to joyful living, no matter what outer circumstances may constellate. Instead of knee-jerk reactions to outer events, we monitor our inner response and behave in the most appropriate way in each situation.

Our program includes some chair yoga, breath practices, seated meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating practice and a delicious lunch.  The labyrinth walk becomes a metaphor for our lives, walking the circuitous path in trust.

With plenty time to talk about our experience, we end the day with deep relaxation.

Go home relaxed, refreshed, renewed and more Present in your Life.

Yoga days almost always sell out, so don’t miss out. Sign up now and benefit from the early bird price.

Cost: $ 108. Get the early bird $98 by signing up before October 24th

Living Deeply Yoga Day
Living Deeply Yoga Day
Saturday November 5th. 9am - 4 pm. at La Casa De Maria, Santa Barbara "Early Bird" $98 before October 24th. After that $108 Sign up Now!
Available Qty: 16

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Soul Works: Creating Inner Security

Soul Works: Creating Inner Security

You are invited to join Paulette Dwyer and myself for the second Soul Works gathering. This is a forum for women in the second half of life: Sunday September 11,2011 at 1.00 – 3.00pm
September 11 is the tenth anniversary of a world-changing event. We choose this day to look inward at the changes within us, and to discover the hidden undermining forces that hold us back from full authentic expression of our uniqueness. Is there an inner terrorist? How do we cultivate inner security?
Using the tools of yoga, experiential processing, and the talking circle, we share what we know and what we learn from one another. The underlying paradigm of this work is that we are each enough. Yet we can grow to become more.
Wear comfortable clothing and bring yoga stuff.

Venue: Holistic Haven, 31139 Via Colina #205 WLV 91362
Cost: $25 by Sep 9th. $30 at door
Payment check to Paulette Dwyer: 2660 Townsgate Road # 730 WLV CA 91361
For more info call Paulette at 805 6608350

Who are we?
Paulette Dwyer, Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor (25 years),past owner of Westlake Yoga Studio, and Regional Manager of Westlake Village, YogaWorks, Wellness consultant, hiker, skier, closet karaoke singer.

Maggie Mellor, yoga teacher, world traveler, writer, grandma and mindfulness practitioner, delights in spending time with women talking about life.

A Mid-Summer’s Yoga Day

A Mid-Summer’s Yoga Day


Join me on Sunday August 7th  2011 for a Mid-Summer’s Yoga Day.

Casa de Maria


August is the hottest month.   La Casa de Maria is situated on a verdant hillside, with gentle ocean breezes caressing the air.  Join me for a cooling day at  this beautiful spiritual venue.  Our theme is the Practice of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a revolution sweeping our land, and for that we can be grateful. The practice enhances everything we do, our jobs, our relationships, our entertainment and our pleasures. Buddha first taught this practice. Mindfulness creates a portal to contentment and happiness.  We learn to welcome each moment of our lives.  Come and be enriched on this gentle cooling yoga day. While gardening, cooking,  sitting at the computer or any activity that we do, Mindfulness  sharpens our capacity to be Present.

Our home for the day will be  the cool stone of the Terrace Room. We have available the pool, shady spots in Garden of Peace to be still or to journal. Our yoga and meditations will be oriented to being cool and awake.

Overview of the day: Yoga practice in the morning – no, not really challenging yoga, just the kind that takes you into your own silence, and allows your body to feel more open and free.  We talk about mindful living, honing down to the smallest details of what it means to fully present in the moment. We practice seated meditation.

Buffet style lunch of fresh salads and healing foods at the now famous Casa kitchen.  Optional swimming or journalling  during the lunch break.

In the afternoon we  take a Meditative  Chakra walk on the grounds, return to our cool Terrace Room for a talking circle and deepen our practice of Mindfulness.

Our day ends with a deep restorative yoga practice.

Go home relaxed, refreshed, renewed and more Present in your Life.

Yoga days almost always sell out, so don’t miss out.  Sign up now and benefit from the early bird price.

Cost: $ 108.   Get the early bird $98 by signing up before July 24th

Living Deeply Yoga Day
Living Deeply Yoga Day
Saturday November 5th. 9am - 4 pm. at La Casa De Maria, Santa Barbara "Early Bird" $98 before October 24th. After that $108 Sign up Now!
Available Qty: 16

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(If you want a massage on this day: Please call La Casa 805 9695031 when you arrive on site to schedule a masseuse between noon and 2 pm, or after the retreat which finishes at  4 pm. They will only take bookings at the office and you will need to pay beforehand by check or cash)


Yoga Day in Montecito

Yoga Day in Montecito

Free your Body Free your Mind

~ “Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily practice… No one can prevent you from being aware of each step you take or each breath in and breath out.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

Casa de Maria

Join me on Saturday April 23rd 2011 for a Yoga Day.   Casa de Maria is one of the most beautiful spiritual venues that I know, and in spring, it is at its best! What’s more, it is just south of Santa Barbara.  I do several retreat days a year, and this venue is always so popular.  This spring, Jim Dreaver joins me.  He has written a book called end your Story. Begin your Life.  In it he describes how to free ourselves from upsets, emotional challenges, in fact how to free ourselves from suffering.  I am so enjoying Jim’s teaching and skills at facilitating this learning.

Overview of the day: Yoga practice in the morning – no, not really challenging yoga, just the kind that takes you into your own silence, and allows your body to feel more open and free.

Buffet style lunch at the now famous Casa kitchen.

Meditative walk through the grounds.

Jim leads the afternoon session in an interactive and meditative way.  You will love it!

We end with a deep relaxation and visualization.

More about the day and how to sign up

Gluten free Holiday Feast Cooking Class in Maggie’s Garden December 4 2010

Gluten free Holiday Feast Cooking Class in Maggie’s Garden December 4 2010

SATURDAY    DECEMBER 4 1:00 PM — 5:00 PM


Gift these authentic, traditional, heirloom recipes to your family and friends for the holidays or any time at all!





$75.00 pp is the  discounted price  for early registration. $20.00 more after Thanksgiving Day.

To reserve your space, send check November 25th to: Judith Sarchielli

21376 Summit Road, Topanga, CA 90290

Your registration is nonrefundable, however you can take another class at any time.

For more information please contact Chef Judith:


Chef Sarchielli educates—she does not diagnose or prescribe.

Delight-filled Yoginis at Oct 3rd Yoga Retreat

Delight-filled Yoginis at Oct 3rd Yoga Retreat

Yoginis: Smiling radiance at Malibu Retreat Center

Wow, Brilliance, Expansive, Nurturing, Nourishing, Magical are just some of the words that come to me as I reflect on the experience I had at the ‘celebration of the feminine Yoga Day’…..

The location was superb. The women are divine. I am grateful to connect with you and honored to have this experience. Many blessings Irene Seda

Maggie, I really appreciate your gifts and your ability to bring amazing women together, and help us to bring out the best in ourselves. The Yogini day will be one I will always remember as it showed me what is possible when amazing women come together in authenticity… I left the event feeling as if I was walking on a cloud. I am a recovering over-giver and this retreat gave me an opportunity to just be present and receive I appreciated that everything was taken care of for me and all I had to do was to participate. I love that we were guided all through the day, but also given time and space to be free within that guidance. I loved the free time in the woods, the free time after lunch to swim in the pool or journal or do art work. I loved the free form movement in the Yoga class followed by a guided practice. And I adored the Kirtan… All my favorite things. Thank you. Much love to you, Debbie Brickell