” You have my 100% whole hearted attention on your alignment, goals, health and well-being.”


Special needs: stress management, panic attacks, arthritis, symptoms of MS or cancer recovery.
Rehabilitation from injury or trauma.
Correction of alignment.
Clarify your goals: eg:weight loss, dietary changes, dropping poor habits (e.g. procrastination) and cultivating positive ones.

Fee Structure:
Single Private Yoga Instruction: $85 per hour
Series of 4 lessons: $ 75 per hour to be used within 5 weeks
Private instruction in your home: $ 100 per hour

Mid-summer Special:

To celebrate the season, new private students can take 4 lessons for $250, a savings of $50!

Must be used within 5 consecutive weeks, valid till Fall equinox September 21st 2013

Email now: maggie@easeintoyoga.com or call: 805 3908009.