“You may not realize you are holding stress in your body until you begin listening to Maggie Mellor’s CD, Relax into Bliss. But once you hear Maggie’s voice, your muscles begin to soften and the chatter in your mind is suddenly quietened…………..you don’t try to relax, it just happens. You are transported into the present, no longer attached to the past or concerned with the future. This is bliss.”
LA Yoga Magazine.

“Dear maggie,
during my recent stay in thousand oaks i went to three classes taught by you
it was one of the best teachings i experienced …. i have been doing yoga off and on since 1993
i also went to a class of eric schiffmann which i liked but it did not touch me straight into the heart as yours did.
i felt that ‘you’ get out of the way to make ‘yoga’ possible
your voice, your manners, your presence is so clear and simple
so that ‘hatha ‘yoga’ can happen – one class i took was on the recent full moon where you explained hatha yoga
i felt so nurtured and mothered and tears flew down my cheeks.” Monika -Cambridge, MA

“Since I have been taking lessons with you, my back has improved so much that it’s hard to put into words. My wrists have also improved to where I am able to do downward dog and other poses that I was not able to do in the beginning, and didn’t think I ever would be. Naturally my shoulder and neck pain has lessened greatly.” D.M.

“Our yoga sessions have helped me stay on track with my new healthy eating life-style. I have already lost more than 50 lbs!” J.R

“I just wanted to tell you how great I felt today. I had NO back pain at all, all day, absolutely none! Before I got to you, I could barely reach down to pick something up off the floor and come back up again without significant pain. You are a miracle worker and I’m so happy you are part of my life.” Jane Rosner

I did not want to put off any longer expressing my gratitude to you. I am certain that you must be one of the very best instructors of all time. I know there is nothing available that can compare to your quality of teaching. I truly cannot thank you enough.”
Carolyn D.

“I don’t know what took me so long to get started with these yoga sessions. I feel much more flexible and relaxed.” O.K.