This is the yoga of sleep, but you remain awake. Yes, you enter a very deep and relaxed state, yet stay aware of everything.  You get to have the profound experience of integration, of being beyond right and wrong, and Present in your own Wholeness.

In this practice you are guided through the koshas, the five sheaths of yoga, right into the bliss state.

In the bliss state we claim our Essence, rest here, and completely rejuvenate. Regular practice can utterly change your life for the better.

This form of relaxation is way beyond the short shavasana which ends each yoga class. This is a long shavasana where we journey our Awareness to experience our own multi-dimensional being At One with All that Is.

Sound good? Give it a try.

Email Maggie at for the Zoom link.

Or download the recorded practice from this site.

Relax into Bliss