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“Maggie, where are you going next?”

I love being asked that question!  Having taken groups on yoga adventures to Cost Rica, Peru, Bali, Greece, Bhutan, Burma, Tanzania and South Africa, it is no wonder folks are curious. One of my favorite activites is planning the next adventure.

Today the answer is “On safari, back to South Africa.”  Yes, keep the dates open if you are interested in joining the next journey. February 10 – 27th 2014. A group of 16 of us will enjoy 7 days of game viewing, real safari where we witness the beauty of animals in their own terrain, followed by 7 days of culture, scenery food and wine in the Fairest Cape.

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Southern tip of Cape Point, South Africa

Sun Salutations at sunrise on Machu Picchu May 5th

Mosaic Temple in Burma January 2013

Tiger’s Nest Monastery Bhutan

On Safari at Thula Thula KwaZulu, South Africa